Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cleaning Steel Crochet hooks

I was asked how to clean a vintage steel crochet hook on the Crochetville Forum. This was my answer.

To get rid of the rust, I dip only the discolored area of the hook in CLR or Lime Away for a few minutes then take an old toothbrush and a little dish detergent and clean it good.

Next, using "0000" steel wool moistened with a few drops of WD40 or a good machine oil, I rub the area well (this could take a while). Then I coat the hook with a little Blue Magic Metal Polish Cream let it dry and buff with a clean dry cloth.

If the hook is still discolored, I use a finger nail buffer or jeweler's cloth or both and buff it. I repeat the use of the steel wool and the buffer until the area is smooth.

Once all the rust is removed, I use the metal polish again and then wax it well. The best wax to use is Renaissance wax, the second best is bee's wax, next best is rub it well with waxed paper.

Remember that rust indicates that the protective coating on the hook has been destroyed and it will need to be washed regularly, protected with a good metal polish and kept waxed to prevent it from rusting again.

I restored the bottom hook in the picture using this method, when I started it looked worse than the top hook . Here is a link to a bigger picture with more detail.

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