Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Boye Vs Bates

A long debate is ongoing between crocheters regarding which is the better hook to use Boye or Bates. The debate continues and fans on both side will not give up their favorite.

The debate is over the shape of the hook, but I think the discussion should center around the length of the shank. Bates hooks have a short shank and Boye hooks have a long shank. Therefore how you hold your hook and the motion of making the stitches are affected by the length of the shank, if you hold your hook by the flat.

Try an experiment the next time you want to throw your Boye or Bates hook out.
  • First, clean and wax your hook.

  • Next, move your grip off the flat and, if you are using a Boye hook and are used to using a Bates one, move your grip up the shank to about where you would hold your Bates hook. If you are using a Bates hook and are used to using a Boye, do the opposite. Move your hand down the shank. This might help you get through your project without throwing you hooks out.

William E. (Bill) Elmore in his books The Elmore Method of Crochet and More Elmore recommends having both short shank and long shank hooks in your crochet hook collection. I agree.

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